I help coach people looking to take the next, terrifying step in their career and life. I use an empathy-based approach of asking tough, generous questions to help you see the next step forward.

I assert that if people have a strong community, feel safe to be themselves, and are supported in their ideas, they’ll go out and accomplish truly amazing things. They’ll create ripples of goodness in this world.

I work with some pretty amazing organizations. I do one-on-one coaching too.

Compound Coaching

With Compound Coaching, I work alongside another coach to provide our clients with an outstanding personalized coaching experience.

Our two coaches, one client format allows us to provide you with unique viewpoints and modes of thinking in a personalized coaching session. We’re able to see more and reflect back to you what we see. It’s a really beautiful experience when two people are working to help you move forward in whatever you’re working on.

You can book a session online with me and Covington or roll the dice and book a session with a random Compound Coaching pair (you really can’t go wrong).


The altMBA is a rigorous, 4-week online workshop designed by Seth Godin for people who want to make a difference in the world.

I graduated from the altMBA (session 2!) in 2015 and have coached hundreds of students in the altMBA since. It’s an amazing course that will help you be a better leader, see your team, your boss, your personal relationships, your projects, and your abilities in a totally new way.