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I Added a Poem to It Happens to Strong People, Too


Yesterday, I added a poem to my book. I know what you might be asking yourself. Yes, it was finished in January, but something kept tugging there at the end. I was counting my little ducklings and thinking… someone’s not accounted for.

I found it—or rather—I wrote it and immediately sent it to my sister. (If you don’t know, she’s a brilliant writer, prolific reader, and a damn good editor. She keeps me honest.)

Here’s what she sent back: “Leave it alone. It’s ready.”

The story feels complete. One last spin through today to make sure every letter is where I meant for it to be and then I’m done. For real this time.

The Kindle version is 97% ready. The softcover is in the works. I’m still waiting on a tiny bit of bureaucracy and then away we’ll go.