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Kaci Kai

(rhymes with spacey pie)

Kaci’s childhood nickname was Crazy Kaci.

She once fought a girl in a ring in Thailand. And won. She sold all her possessions and traveled as a nomad for almost two years. She jumped out of an airplane. Twice (and counting). Swam with sharks. Bungee jumped. She won two cooking competitions. And chased tornadoes with her dad as a kid.

But the scariest, craziest thing she’s done to date? She wrote and published It Happens to Strong People, Too.

Kaci Kai is a designer and small business owner living in Austin, Texas. In 2018, she founded Krav Maga ATX, a self defense studio focused on providing a safe space to learn quality, effective self defense. She runs and operates that space during nights and weekends with her partner, Jeff.

Kaci’s Design Philosophy

Kaci is a multidisciplinary creative with over 13 years experience designing brand systems, web and digital experiences, print collateral, and data design for organizations of all sizes—from startup nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.

She focuses on designing to get the greatest impact with an audience-first, empathy-forward model.

There are no dumb users. Only bad design.

Photo by Paul Jun for altMBA