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It Happens to Strong People Too Book Cover

It Happens to Strong People, Too

This is the story, told via a collection of poems, of a woman gripped by pain and loss, life and love, and ultimately joy and resilience. It’s a journey through heartbreak to a place of hope and optimism.

Published March 2018

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“…we’re in an era where many people are feeling shaken (for a number of reasons) and this collection really taps into a self doubt and tenuous reassurance—a feeling of being lost and then perhaps finding a path forward—that we’re collectively experiencing as a society.”
—Kate C., Testify Producer

“Kai has such a relatable poetic voice that will pull you in from the very first page. She has created a lovely collection that is sure to become a favorite in the hearts of her readers.”
—Liz Newman, A Better Today Media

“Wonderful Kaci addresses the complicated and difficult emotions that come from heartbreak in a way that is beautiful and relatable. Her poems tell a story through the pages and are also powerful standalone pieces.”
—Kate T.

"The Hardest Work You'll Ever Do: Select Poems on Leadership" by Kaci Kai

The Hardest Work you’ll ever do: Select poems on Leadership

A collection of poems about leadership, created exclusively for Patreon supporters.

Published February 2020

An Excerpt From the Introduction

“I’ve been working on poems about leadership for years now, usually small snippets when times are hard or something particularly magical happens. This is a small sampling of thoughts I have on the subject of leadership.

I’m releasing this to you—my Patreon patrons—as thanks for your continued emotional, mental, and financial support over the years.

Some of these poems I wrote specifically for this book. As you probably know by now, that’s not usually how my writing process goes. I’d normally put these away for awhile and release them when they no longer feel like something I’ve written. I’m trusting that the new poems in here will resonate regardless of when they release out into the world.”