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Now | July 19, 2018 [Archive]

Right now, I’m…

  • Writing a lot about death—poems, letters, dreams. My mom died in June and it’s taken me on a roller coaster ride of dissociation, emotional outbursts, calm collectedness… a real rainbow smorgasbord of Stuff. I’m doing my best to capture and process some of it in the work I do.
  • Considering a new way to talk with people who want to support me via Patreon and newsletters.
  • Publishing a set of short stories by writer Jeff Isacksen through Aspen and Sonder.
  • Releasing another limited edition letterpress of one of my poems. This time my poem Like a Footnote was printed by inviting press (love this lady). These are lovely and limited (only 100 made ever). You can get it on Aspen and Sonder’s website.
  • Roleplaying in a homespun Dungeons and Dragons game (or Imagination Game, as my friend Karaline puts it) with a few of my closest friends. I honestly think this project is going to make me a better storyteller.
  • Watching the ’90s TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (currently on season 3) with someone who’s never seen it.
  • Accumulating plants. As many as I can. When I feel down, I buy a plant and I feel a little better.

Last updated: 19 July 2018