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E3 Alliance Trade Show Banners

All Purpose, Evergreen Trade Show Banner for All E3 Alliance Teams

E3 Alliance Tradeshow Banner - All Purpose

Special Audience: District and Campus Leaders

E3 Alliance Tradeshow Banner - District and School

About the Project

E3 Alliance is a Central Texas nonprofit that uses data to help Texas leaders make better decisions so that ALL students can succeed in education and in life.

The organization regularly attends trade shows and events where they needed to be able to grab the attention of a variety of audiences, including university presidents, pre-K through 12 educators and educational professionals, district leaders, business leaders, and other nonprofit partners in the education space.

The challenge:

Previous trade show booths struggled to be evergreen, fun, enticing, and educational about who E3 Alliance is. When E3 Alliance has used photos of kids, it would feel dated within even a year or two of printing due to changing hairstyles and fashion choices of the kids.

They wanted something that felt fresh, used the new brand assets, and expressed who E3 Alliance is and what they do.

Additionally, the team wanted a trade show booth that spoke more directly to district and pre-K through 12 campus leaders. It needed to include the new brand assets, and be able to stand on its own, as well as be presented alongside the all-purpose banner.


  • Adobe lllustrator
  • Print Production
  • Copy editing