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UTeach Institute Website Homepage
UTeach Institute Website Homepage

About the Project

The UTeach Institute at The University of Texas at Austin needed to redesign their website to better entice STEM students to add on a teaching certificate to their degree.

The UTeach Institute believes teaching future STEM professionals who are passionate about their subject how to teach their subject, we’ll increase the number of pre-K through high school students who will pursue a career in STEM.



Current college students currently pursuing a degree in a STEM subject who might want to teach their subject.


Other postsecondary institutions that might also want to implement a UTeach model at their school

The solution:

Using the UT Drupal Kit, I created the new UTeach Institute website so that it was clean, organized, and it got users to the information they needed quickly.

  • Copy Writing and Development
  • Photo Research
  • Adobe lllustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Drupal (UT Kit)
  • Site Documentation