Now | September 2018 [Archive]

Right now, I’m…

  • Publishing a set of short stories by writer Jeff Isacksen through Aspen and Sonder. This seems to always take me longer than I think it will. We’ve had to push the publish date to mid-October. This is taking almost all my time right now.
  • Preparing to coach for altMBA 25.
  • Designing the cover of We, Their Sons. I just finished this up and I’m really satisfied where it ended up.

  • Riding a Vitamin B12 high. I recently discovered I had a severe B12 deficiency. I’ve been fixing that with mega doses of B12… and holy cow. Is this how most people feel most of the time?? I am producing work at an incredible rate these days. Wow.


Now | August 2018 [Archive]

Right now, I’m…

  • Publishing a set of short stories by writer Jeff Isacksen through Aspen and Sonder. The first story is due out on September 13th! This is honestly where I’m spending most of my time.
  • Working on a new, fun e-commerce store for tea. It’s sort of a pet project where I can explore and try new things in advertising, marketing, etc. while also selling something I care about or drink regularly.
  • Taking more pictures. I just replaced my phone and I finally have a phone I can take half-decent photos with again. What a relief. You’ll probably start seeing a lot more images over in my social media world.
  • Eating from The Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I’ve been sick for the last few years again… lots of digestion issues. I finally decided enough was enough. Time to heal my body up so I can take on life.
  • Watching The Legend of Korra, an animated TV series. I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender this year and it was one of the best stories I’ve seen in any format. It was so well done. Korra is turning out to be a lot more problematic, but good god is it beautiful.


Now | July 19, 2018 [Archive]

Right now, I’m…

  • Writing a lot about death—poems, letters, dreams. My mom died in June and it’s taken me on a roller coaster ride of dissociation, emotional outbursts, calm collectedness… a real rainbow smorgasbord of Stuff. I’m doing my best to capture and process some of it in the work I do.
  • Considering a new way to talk with people who want to support me via Patreon and newsletters.
  • Publishing a set of short stories by writer Jeff Isacksen through Aspen and Sonder.
  • Releasing another limited edition letterpress of one of my poems. This time my poem Like a Footnote was printed by inviting press (love this lady). These are lovely and limited (only 100 made ever). You can get it on Aspen and Sonder’s website.
  • Roleplaying in a homespun Dungeons and Dragons game (or Imagination Game, as my friend Karaline puts it) with a few of my closest friends. I honestly think this project is going to make me a better storyteller.
  • Watching the ’90s TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (currently on season 3) with someone who’s never seen it.
  • Accumulating plants. As many as I can. When I feel down, I buy a plant and I feel a little better.

Last updated: 19 July 2018